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Have you heard of

I love it!! It's a great concept. Here's a bit of their history.

I have found some really great things on it and have helped folks get some things they need as well!

One of the many things I've found, and it never occurred to me that I would, was friendship.

There was a gal on there who was posting a lot of stuff. Lots of kids stuff, so I was keeping my eyes peeled for anything for Josh. The reason I remember her is that her name is Stephanie. Great name!!
Anyway, I went to her house to pick some things up a few times. Turns out she lives just 3 blocks away. Easy and on the way to the park so Josh and I can multi task!

One day we decided we really need to get our boys together for a play date. Her son, Logan, will be 3 next month and mine just turned 2.
They ADORE each other!
Josh will wake up from a nap and when he used to say Dada or Mama he now says "Gogan?? Gogan??" He really likes playing with Logan!

Steph and I have a great time together too!
Back in May, Steph and her sister Jen ( I know, it's too weird right?) started walking and biking a 3 mile route every other day. Biking one day and walking the other.
I met Steph in mid August I think. They had each lost a considerable amount of weight from this. I'm so shy, I just blurted out, " Can I come too?"
They didn't mind at all and their duo became a trio.
Neighbors along the route commented that they were multiplying. Cool that people noticed. They really HAD walked every day!

It's been getting cooler out and darker earlier so we've been discussing getting a gym membership.
Cha ching!!! Bells and whistles going off in my brain. Good news is that we found a gym with a super decent fee and at the time of our enrollment ( a week ago today) there was zero enrollment fee!! Sweet!

We had a physical evaluation with a trainer. After answering a ton of questions and getting some measurements, I was informed that to get to an average body composition I would need to lose 49 pounds. I was floored!! He wasn't telling me I had to lose 100 pounds!! whoo hoo!! I have had a goal weight in my head for a long time now. Not a small number, but I remember looking good and feeling good at that weight. Losing 49 pounds now would bring me 10 pounds away from achieving that!

So we've been using the treadmills and elliptical and the weights. They have free day care for your first child at the gym as well. Yes!! I can work out in the morning some days!! Josh loves the play room too! It's a huge win win!!

I weighed myself today. I know it's a few days from "that time of the month" and I haven't lost a single pound, but I am not discouraged. I have 2 new friends who double as work out buddies and one of my neighbors has been using a guest pass
for a few days at the gym and might join as well. We are filling another neighbor in on the idea of joining the gym and it's possible I could have 4 work out buddies soon!

I really needed to get some inspiration to lose weight. Steph and Jen are it. Between the two of them, they have lost more than 60 pounds since May. Steph and I are getting to be pretty good friends as well.
God does answer prayers. It killed me to not have any friends down here. The people I did meet were always working or busy with family life.
That really made me miss my Green Bay friends.

Thanks Freecycle!!!