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End of year resolution

I've always bailed on traditional New Year's Resolutions. I guess the Christmas season comes and goes so quickly, that January is all of a sudden there and I hadn't had time to even think about a resolution. So instead of stressing about it, I just don't resolve to do or not do a single thing.
This year I'm trying something different. I'm calling it an End of the Year Resolution.
It will start December 1st. As I write this post, it is less than 30 minutes from being December first. Still kind of last minute, huh?
Anyway, I figure if I get the hang of this resolution by the time January hits, I've got it IN THE BAG!!
What do I resolve?
I resolve to track every morsel I put in my mouth. Every bite, lick and taste. ( thank you Weight Watchers)
I also have a "cleaning schedule" in my calendar so I do one or two things a day. Sometimes nothing is scheduled, but then I'm not stuck with hours of cleaning on the weekend. I've kind of gotten away from that.
I resolve to do the chores on the day I've scheduled them and not let them pile up.

Do you make N.Y. Resolutions?

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