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End of year resolution

I've always bailed on traditional New Year's Resolutions. I guess the Christmas season comes and goes so quickly, that January is all of a sudden there and I hadn't had time to even think about a resolution. So instead of stressing about it, I just don't resolve to do or not do a single thing.
This year I'm trying something different. I'm calling it an End of the Year Resolution.
It will start December 1st. As I write this post, it is less than 30 minutes from being December first. Still kind of last minute, huh?
Anyway, I figure if I get the hang of this resolution by the time January hits, I've got it IN THE BAG!!
What do I resolve?
I resolve to track every morsel I put in my mouth. Every bite, lick and taste. ( thank you Weight Watchers)
I also have a "cleaning schedule" in my calendar so I do one or two things a day. Sometimes nothing is scheduled, but then I'm not stuck with hours of cleaning on the weekend. I've kind of gotten away from that.
I resolve to do the chores on the day I've scheduled them and not let them pile up.

Do you make N.Y. Resolutions?

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  1. I did, and have managed to accomplish all of them. Last month I started the last one on the list - decluttering, reorganizing and general downsizing my stuff. Other noble tasks included ditching the corporate gym membership and joining the local YMCA (done January 1), renewing my library card and using the library instead of buying additional books, and paying my bills on time (this was actually the most challenging for no better reason than I get busy and lose track of time). I like your cleaning schedule idea and may appropriate it once the clutter is cleared out.