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Crap. I don't like how this has to be.

It's sad, sad day.
I was at my WW meeting again and am up 2#. Which really screws up the loss I had the week before.
I finally figured it out. Just saying I'm on a diet or eating better or having a gym membership does not, in itself, make you lose weight. This also applies to only having Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred dvd.
I actually have to get involved in this process.
I'm going to go get myself a single serving of 1/2 the fat chocolate ice cream ( 3 WW points ) and call it a night.
Tomorrow I start anew. I WILL track my food intake and I WILL exercise either here or at the gym.
Next WW meeting I WILL get my 5# sticker!!!
For now, I'm off to the freezer!

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