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Day 1

It's been a rough weekend for me. Too many darn emotions all at once.
At points it was almost comical. My moods changed as quickly as Wisconsin weather.
Not cool! And not very easy on the hubby. ( Sorry Hon!)

About a month ago, Keith and I had our blood work done and no surprise to me, both of our cholesterol were up there. And they have been for awhile. I'll be on drugs for that as soon as they come in the mail and I'm sure Keith will be after his sit down appointment with the doc coming up. :-(

Anyway, after lots of discussion and planning, Keith and I are changing our
eating habits TOGETHER!

The only thing that I tried ( and could stick with for any length of time ) was
Joy Bauer's Slimdown plan. I guess it's easier for me to be told what to eat and when
to eat it, instead of just making it up on my own.

It's simple, which is great. Not odd foods you have to hunt for. The recipes are really tasty too!

So wish us luck and if you see Keith at work, don't offer too many sweets and treats!

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