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My Alternate Reality

While we were growing up, our parent's music was NOT what we kids felt as cool.
They listened to either twangy solid gold country or the dreaded elevator music.
I felt lucky if Dad put on some 50's or 60's rock. Well as "rock" as that gets!

Every time we drove up north to our grandparent's we listened to WOCO out of Oconto.
It was awful elevator music!! I can still hear the jingle in my head. WOCO... Oconto! AM and FM!! I silently screamed in the back seat. Dad thought it should be acceptable to us as he always turned on the FM station and not the AM. I don't even want to contemplate what could have been on the AM dial!!
I remember begging for anything with lyrics. Actual singers. But to no avail. It was the same crap my dentist played. I guess I can be happy there wasn't a drill involved.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2011.

Mom and her three girls were on the way to Thanksgiving Eve Service at the Moravian Church at Heritage Hill.
Some song came on the radio that I didn't know. I'm guessing we had a Top 40 station on. What ever the song was, the same lyrics were repeated over and over. I made some comment like "Sing if you know the words!" Only to realize Mom was already singing!!!
Wait... What???
Ok, maybe it was a fluke and a catchy tune. I just let it slide.

A couple nights later we were about to get down and dirty with our usual family fun
of playing Uno. We like the house rules for Seven-0 Uno.

(• Basically same play as Original Uno with 2 exceptions. When a "0" is played--all players need to pass their hands to the next player. When a "7" is played the person that played the "7" trades their hand with another player of their choice.

Anyway, I digress. Most of us were waiting around for Mom to get her self over to the table so we could start. She said, I want to watch this first. I walk over to see what she is watching that is so important as to interrupt our sacred Uno time. You will not believe this! In fact I thought she was joking.

The Lady Gaga Christmas Special!!! Of all things! My mom!!! Lady Gaga??? What is going on?
Did aliens come and abduct my mom and leave someone ( or something ) else in her place???
I of course looked shocked and questioned this person claiming to be my mom.
She said, "I like her."
And that is it. I have learned not to question my mom further. She is, and will always be, right. Sometimes with a little persuasion, I can try to change what she feels is right, but mostly, she's the bomb!

So from elevator music to Lady Gaga. It's been over 2 months since that night and I am STILL in shock. In fact, I may never be the same. When I was 16 I would have given my left arm for my mom to enjoy listening to WIXX with us! I guess she just wasn't ready. Also, at that time Lady Gaga was 2 years old. I guess she can't be all bed, her birth name is Stefani. :-) Perhaps we are soul sisters...
I really do enjoy her music for an upbeat workout, but have you seen some of those videos? A bit odd. I prefer this one.

Have your parents ever freaked you out like this? Please tell me about it so I don't feel alone!!!

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  1. When my dad was driving me to college in Madison I made him listen to New Order the whole way. He said that he liked them and I think he meant it.