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Try this on for starters

I have never thought I had much to say about anything, much less write ( type ) about it.
And even if I did, who would read it? Who would care?
I am starting a new journey, to get healthy. I'm hoping to be able to utilize this
as some sort of accountability.

I went to the OB/GYN today. I was there a year ago January in which time I've lost 43#.
It hasn't been easy. Well part of it was.
From January til June or July, I was stuck not really losing anything at all. Bummed beyond belief I asked my Internal Medicine doc what to do. I'm sure he was thrilled that I was a blubbering, bawling fool about this. After a lot of discussion, we agreed to try me on
Phentermine. This is a prescription strength appetite suppressant and it apparently increases your metabolism. He impressed upon me that this would be for a jump start and maybe would only work for the first 20# or so. Fine with me, at least it would be something!

So by October I had lost the bulk of the 43#but things were slowing down considerably.
Oh one side note. Increase in metabolism? Great. I stayed up til 1 almost every night and got up with my toddler every morning about 6 or 7 and felt awake!!!! Crazy stuff!
So February 3rd was my last pill. The next week I dragged butt. I had to keep turning around to pick it up off of the floor. I wanted to nap several ( five!) times a day!

On Sunday the 6th I re joined Weight Watchers. As of Monday I've lost 3.4#.
Mental note: I picked a Monday night meeting because they are convenient with hubby's work
I truly DETEST weighing myself in the evening and AFTER the weekend!! UGH!!
But hey, I still lost 3#!!

I have a friend who has been getting healthier for awhile now. She is a true inspiration! I love her to death!!! We both used to live in the same town. First she moved out of the city. Then I went and got married and moved out of the state! We hardly see each other now. Thank goodness for Facebook!!!In 3 1/2 weeks we get to hang together all weekend at a Ladies retreat put on by my former church district. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! We promised each other we'd be working out that weekend too. No matter what!!!

Did I mention I'm excited to see her? :-)
I can't believe I've said this much already. Maybe, deep down, there is a blogger in me waiting for the chance to run free.
We'll see.
If you are coming along for the ride, great! I hope I never post anything that offends you, but if I do, it's my blog and I'll be posting what I want!! HAH!!! :-)

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  1. FORTY THREE POUNDS!!??!! HOLY CRAP, YOU are the one that ROCKS!

    I love you very much...I'm excited to read everything you write, whether it's often or not, or little or much.

    And I am SUPER PUMPED for retreat next month!!