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It breaks my heart

Keith and I watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas last week.
It was an incredible story of one family during WWII told through the eyes of
the 9 year old son.
I know the holocaust was terrible. I have done papers on it in high school,
I've read books about it and have seen movies. None of that comes even close to how this movie touched my heart. And then broke it into a million pieces.
(There wasn't anything gross to watch. It was all implied. )
What tears me up is that people actually felt that another human being was worth
so little, or nothing at all. This continues to happen even now.
Hello Human Race!!!
What happened to evolution? Aren't we supposed to be changing for the better?
God's heart must be breaking a zillion times more than mine. Look at what's happened to His children. We have let Satan in to do his darnedest and it seems like
there is no willingness to kick him out!

Dear Jesus,
I pray for a revival in the hearts of mankind.
Let all of us seek Your love and guidance.
Help us to kick the devil out so there is only room for You
to fill us to overflowing.

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