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I need advice!!

I know you want to help. I'm sure of it.
So I lay my "problem" at your feet.

I was tired of hoisting up my capris and shorts that were
a bit too big. Even though I told myself to tough it out, I
talked myself into ( this didn't take much talking) buying
a new pair of shorts or capris or SOMETHING.

So there I am at 9 pm. In the store trying on all sorts of shorts of all lengths
and capris and I am mostly frustrated.
I am enjoying picking things out in my "new" size, but I am perplexed about
what happened to pants that came up to a gal's waist.
Where did they go? I couldn't find a single one on the rack.
I'm still in a plus size, this can't be all there is? Mid rise?
Lo rise?

Granny panties over here!!! I like my full briefs. I just feel more comfortable.
They don't roll down ( hipsters ) and they don't creep up or in (bikinis and thongs ).

Where is a gal supposed to shop for jeans that will cover said panties? I may be pushing 40, but I'm not ready to dress all frumpy like.

So unless the up and coming trend is for big ol granny panties to be seen at the waistband ( using that term loosely!!) like the thongs were ( are?) I'm going to
need some insight!!
I really don't want to have to change my big bad briefs. :-)

Oh, and I have a belt for those bigger pants, I am just not a fan of wearing it.

In the meantime, I will be wearing longer shirts over my new capris. Apart from the whole Granny Show, I think they look pretty darn good on me!!

So, where should I be shopping to find not so granny, Granny capris?

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