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My Hair Ordeal. Part 1

Ages and ages ago I was referred to a stylist by a friend. Cindy at the Haus of Hair.
She was great! Although it was 90's hair, not a lot of flair needed.
Anyway, I always went in, got my hair cut, colored or permed ( I know you
are laughing right now, who gets perms? I did! ) and then booked
my appointment for 6 or 8 weeks out. ALWAYS. If you didn't, you
had a difficult time getting in before it was shaggy looking or your
skanky roots were showing.

I'm not sure what transpired, but one time I didn't make that appointment.

Of course, I decided I was having a "hair emergency". Which for me means I am
frustrated beyond belief with my hair and I need a change. NOW!
Well it was Saturday afternoon. Not too many places open and if they are, not for long!
Cindy works Tuesday through Friday. No chance of getting in there.
So I opened the phone book to see what was at the closest mall.
Master Cuts and Regis.
I hemmed and hawed then finally went with Regis because in Green Bay ( at the time anyway) they had a reputation for being the best. Master Cuts I hadn't heard anything of so they lost.

Turns out there was an opening and I snagged it! Sweet!!

The gal who I was scheduled with brought me to her chair. Sort of in the back and hidden from view of the mall. Great with me. Although I could have people watched during my appointment, I didn't need anyone staring at me while I was getting my hair cut.
That was all I could let someone other than Cindy do.
I felt sneaky for scheduling with someone else. I was so loyal to Cindy!
So about five minutes into my haircut, the stylist tells me that she is in a hidden chair
so no one sees that she is working. Something about losing government money because they think she isn't working.
Seriously??? You tell people this?? What if I was working for what ever government
office or department that was sending you this money? Geesh lady... close your mouth NOW!!

I just nodded my head and said it wasn't a problem. In my head I said, " Just quit the chit chat and get this hair cut on the move!" She had a difficult time cutting and talking at the same time.

She went on to tell me that she and her hubby or boyfriend or whatever were going to declare bankruptcy. They had just bought a whole living room set at Montgomery Wards ( this tells you how long ago it was!) and made a payment on it. She seemed to think if they had "intent to pay" they wouldn't get it taken away. I have no idea.
What I did know was that she should shut that mouth of hers. Oh, and get on with my haircut!

I think she finally caught on that I wasn't the most talkative type.
You all know I am, but I either couldn't get a word in edgewise or chose not to.
I can't remember that part.

I do remember what happened next. Between the mirrors I saw a mall guard come up to the desk and start chatting with the receptionist. I remember thinking that nothing changes. When I worked at the mall downtown, the guards always stopped by to chat.
Nice job, huh?
Apparently this wasn't the friendly chit chat I assumed it was. The receptionist came over and said we needed to vacate the mall as there was a bomb threat. What???
BOMB THREAT????? You've got to be kidding me!!!!!!
I looked in the mirror and guessed this stylist was about halfway done. UGH!! Now what?
Well, the manager of the shop said they were going to conduct their staff meeting in the parking lot. The stylist says, what about my client?
Bring a chair, cape, water bottle and scissors. We'll do it during the meeting. In the PARKING LOT.
So you remember that part up there where I said I didn't need anyone staring at me
during my hair cut?
Well in the parking lot, I didn't just get stares, but cat calls and jokes. It was so great!

Oh and did I mention it was windy? Not just your casual breeze, but hey, I think there's a storm moving in kind of windy. Mind you I can't see what she's doing. There isn't a mirror in this parking lot.
A little bit later the stylist asked her boss if she had to charge me. Thankfully she said no. I thanked them and took off for my car as fast as my legs could take me there!

So you know Cameron Diaz's bangs in that scene from Something About Mary?
That was exactly like mine were! Oh man!!!
I couldn't cry for laughing, but oh, I wanted to cry!!!
I looked up at Heaven and thanked God for his sense of humor. This is what I get for
not booking in advance, huh? :-)

After I got home and saw the mess that was my hair and made my mom check out the back, I knew what I had to do.
Sunday I called the salon and asked her to finish my cut. It was choppy and wild and well, not a finished cut.
So I went in. Same girl. Same chair. Whatever. Just fix it.

After a minute or two I hear the dreaded phrase, "I'm just gonna change this in the back" which translated means, "wow! I really messed this up!"
I just sat there in silence. I think she got the idea.

Needless to say, Tuesday I called Cindy and scheduled an appointment.
When I came in for it I told her all about the fun I had.
I completely learned my lesson!!

I continued to go to Cindy for all my styling needs and always booked my
appointments in advance. She even got a few clients that I referred her way.

Three years ago this past May, I got married to the most wonderful man!
Small problem is that I had to move away from Green Bay and Cindy.
It's a three hour drive. Initially, I thought, " why not just stay with Cindy? I'll be back here all the time!"
Yeah right!!

Part 2 continues with my search for the perfect stylist in Lake County, IL.
Stay tuned~

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