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Number One Daughter

My poor dad. I have two older sisters and no brothers. Between our mom and the three girls there was a good chance that no matter what week it was, someone had PMS.
Some of us were worse than others. (ahem! Jennifer?) Just kidding Jen! You were by far the sweetest among us!
Anyway, we are all older now. At 40, I'm the youngest. I won't go into how old the other two are!
In the last few years or so, there has been a little joke/competition between the three of us.
I don't remember how it started but at some point Dad turned to one of us and said, " you are my number one daughter!" this was after some small but cool thing one of us had done for or given to Dad.
I think we each have our own ways of achieving said Number One Daughter Spot.
Theresa is an amazing baker. I can't tell you all the yumminess she can create. All she has to do is stop by with something sweet for Dad and BAM! Number One Daughter. Well, just as long as there aren't any cherry pits in it. :-)

Jennifer lives in Ohio. She just has to show up at Mom and Dad's in Green Bay and there she is! The Number One Daughter.
I live in Illinois. I think for awhile just bringing our son to visit with Grandma and Grandpa put me there a bit, but the thing that scores every time is when I make Dad some croquettes.
What are they? Basically deep fried leftover beef and potatoes.
They are glorious!

Dad, I'll see you with these goodies on Friday!!

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  1. Nice post and makes em think of my own sisters. Can you post your recipe for the croquettes? They look divine!