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Recipe for #1 Daughter

My last post was got some mouths watering. The recipe was requested and I listen to my sparse followers!!
Croquettes ( Thank you Aunt Willy!)

4-5 lbs. Beef Chuck Roast, cooked and ground ( when you have leftovers, freeze them til you have enough)
6-7 potatoes, cooked and ground
1 cup celery leaves no stalks, chopped fine
salt & pepper, to taste
¾ cup beef consume , give or take
flour, enough to make them stick together
bread crumbs
egg whites
oil for frying, peanut oil is nice
Heat this bad boy up to 340°

Mix ingredients in a bowl.
Add enough flour to make the mixture form into nice
torpedo shapes about the size of your thumb or a bit larger. As long as they are all the same size so they get done at the same time.

Dip in egg whites, then bread crumbs.

Place 5 or 6 in a Deep fryer at 340° until crispy brown, about 7 minutes.

Remove from fryer and let sit on paper towel or brown paper bag to cool a bit.

Serve with spicy mustard. ( I eat them plain )

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